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Diggery Dinosaurs

August 24 @ 2 PM

Join The Story Ship for this science-based immersive adventure featuring large interactive animated characters, dinosaur bones, a giant dinosaur egg, and beautiful puppets. Paleontologist Diggery discovers a “top secret” box the museum accidentally packed. Curious, he opens the box and unleashes the
DinoSauroScope 3000, or DINA, transporting the audience back to the time of dinosaurs. All is well until he uses DINA on a large dinosaur egg. The egg hatches and an amazing thing happens – the dinosaurs in museums around the world start to come alive! The only way to stop this dinosaur regeneration is to
return the baby dinosaur back to its mother. Come along to help Diggery save humanity! Great show for kids!


Generously Sponsored by Ramsey Financial Services.

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