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The Legacy Theater has given the region a quality venue, drawing guests from outside the Hancock County area to come see what Carthage has to offer. 


The theater has a long history in Carthage, beginning with its construction as part of Carthage College. Major renovation in 2010 by Carl Sandburg College updated the theater’s structure with new restrooms, heating, plumbing and electrical systems, fresh paint and 450 new main floor seats.


Now the city of Carthage owns the theater, and it is operated by the Legacy Theater Foundation. 

The Legacy Theater has given much to this community as an economic resource. It is time to give back. We still need more – people who are willing to make an investment to help the theater and its community grow together.


Please consider how your financial gift can help the future of the Legacy Theater. The following information sheet and brochure will tell more about the theater.


Look back at the legacy this theater has created over the years and join us in the Legacy Theater mission – to enrich, educate, inspire and entertain.


Thank you,


Doug Groth, President                                    

Legacy Foundation Board                                


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