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Sal Valentinetti is a crooner from Long Island, New York. From starting out delivering pizzas, to appearing on reality TV, to selling out shows across the country – his career continues to grow.

Sal started in music by playing instruments that included the baritone horn, base trumpet, tuba, and trombone. Ironically, the power of his voice was discovered by accident. During a horn lesson in high school, the instructor asked him to choose a song to play. He couldn’t think of the name of the song his grandmother used to play for him, so he started singing the lyrics to Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife.” Taken aback by his voice, the instructor immediately urged him to start taking singing lessons. With further encouragement from his family, Sal started to take his newfound talent seriously.

In 2016, NBC’s hit show America's Got Talent was taken by storm by Sal “The Voice” Valentinetti. His audition went viral and reached over 100 million views on YouTube.

Since his success on America’s Got Talent, Sal has been touring the country and selling out venues of all sizes – from intimate jazz clubs to the legendary Madison Square Garden. He continues to win over the hearts of fans through his emotional and comical story-telling style performances. 7 Grand Marshal 

Sal Valentinetti released his first debut EP, The Voice and an original holiday single, “When Christmas Comes to Town” in 2017. He will be releasing more original music later this year. Join his over 220,000+ fans on social media by following Sal (@salthevoice) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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