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Doug and Eva Groth

Harold and Connie Golob-Dyer



Carthage Community Development

Joe and Callie Connor



Charlie and Ada Bair

Robert and Lori Carson

Carson Motors

Dave and Elaine Dion

Charles and Karen Ihrig-Gilbert

Joy Swearingen


Jacqueline Adkins

Jack and Barb Baily

Jerry and Linley Bartell

Andy and Tami Bastert

Carmilee Larson Memorial

Carthage Veterinary Service

Jeff Clark

Dyneah Classen

Dave and Maureen Crawford

Matt and Becky Dickinson

Barbara Drozdz

Tom and Elaine Ferguson

First Bankers Trust Company

Lynn and Rose Fisher

Fortress Bank

David and Shelly Fox

Amy Graham

Carol Gronewold

Chem Gro Inc.

Hancock County Cattlemen's Association

Hancock County Journal-Pilot

Carl A. Hartweg

Dr. William and Brigit Hollis

JJD Contracting Co. Inc

Warren and Kim Johnson

Tim and Patricia Laffey

Lee and Hancock County Shopper

Marine Bank

Dr. Ed and Janet McKenney

Memorial Hospital

Mike and Debbie Murphy

Shane and Christine Murphy

Terry and Sue Newell

James Nightingale

Howard and Angie Perry

Pilot Grove Savings Bank

Professional Swine Management LLC

Royal Printing

Dennis and Ruth Royalty

Don Schilson

Mike and Kay Seaver

Dr. Rebecca Sherrick

Harold and Joyce Starr

Ron and Patti Starr

Dave and Carrie Steffensmeier

Bill and Linda Tobias

Donna Walker

WCAZ- Rob Dunham

A. Ross Wear

Brenda Young

Young Masonry


April Bon Memorial

Bentzinger Family

Robert and Lila Brooks-Fritz

Larry and Cheryl Buckert

Carthage High School (1959)

Carthage High School (1968)

Carthage High School (1971)

Daryl and Sheryl Chenoweth

Patsy Davis

Jerry and Neva Eads

Duane and Ruth Fugate

GT Lawncare

Lawrence and Marjorie Harrell

Judie Marshall

Kahoka Motors

Lynn and Judy McGaughey

Steve and Jan Renard

Nauvoo Restoration

Oakley Lindsay Foundation

Chip and Nancy Orum

Mark and Deborah Powers

Delmer and Cheryl Schlueter

Dr. Joe and Jennifer Smith

David and Linda Stoverink

Mark Stringer

John and Connie Wright

Brandon Wright




C.F. Archer

Dave and Angie Ard

Rick and Dianne Balmer

Michael Bedard

Beef, Bread & Brew

Serena Boedewig

B. Marie Brady-Whitcanack

James and Ramona Brown

Eugene and Joyce Buckert

Jim Burling

Rex and Kim Byers

Ann Curtis

John and Arlis Dittmer

Rebecca Doyle

Brenda Eddings

Doug Ewing

Jerry and Lynn Fecht

Norma Fink

Kent and Connie Flesner

Stacey Flesner

Marlene Fox

Gem City Ford

Mildred Graham

Jamie Green

Joel and Diane Hamilton

John and Sally Hanna

Phillip and Pamela Hartweg

John and Annette Heinecke

Sue Henry

Margaret Honnold

JB and Shelly Hunter

Virginia Hurwitz

John and Sherry Huston

Robert and Donna Johnson

Sharon Johnson

Josh Denning/Ameriprise Financial, Inc

Alka Khanolkar

R. Alan Kimbrough

Norm and Ruth Kinnamon

Bill Knight Jr.

Terry and Kris Knoke

Eileen Knowles

Becky Koestner

Ray and Nancy Krey

Lake Hill Winery

Bill and Jean Lewis

Ricky and Bev Markey

Terry Marler

Harold and Rosalyn Merritt

Chuck and Ann Mae Miller

Michael and Barbara McNally

Dyanne Miller

Jerilyn Miller

Mind & Sole Dance Company

Jim Miner

Mississippi Valley Publishing Co.

James and Elizabeth Moore

Ivan and Pat Murphy

Nauvoo Pharmacy

Karen Nutt

Chuck Peitscher

Ran-Rose Farm

Richard Prior

Herrmann Rich

Don and Carolyn Rosenboom

Carrie Scheetz

Ross Schmidd

Vince Seaver

Tom and Sandy Seabold

Randy Sharpe

Joanna Sholl

Tom Simpson

Dennis and Bonnie Skripps

Audrey Sloan

Dwain and Sandra Smith

Donald Stoneking

The Lost Canvas

Patty Brierton Thomas

Ann Miller Titus

Dennis and Ellie Tubbs

Irene Tukuafu

Sally Twaddle

Bill and Joyce Ulmer

Cheryl Underwood

James and Peggy Vining

Stan Vorhies

Dana Walker

Kevin Walker

Kristi Wells

WIU Performing Arts Department

Randy Whitaker

Patricia White

William and Rose Wilson

Robert and Carol Wright