The Great Communicator

Lincoln, the Great Communicator a LIVE streaming event 12/2 @ 7pm!

FREE EVENT - Link coming soon!

Hosted by Looking for Lincoln, this program features Lincoln 

impersonator George Buss and Illinois folk musician and folklorist 

Chris Vallillo. The program combines live period music with 

conversation and narrative by President Lincoln (using Lincoln’s own 

words) to explore Lincoln’s use of communication as a personal and 

political tool. The event is free and open to the public.


This theatrical style program is presented as a casual conversation 

between President Lincoln and Vallillo discussing Lincoln's gifts as a 

communicator and way he used those skills for the betterment of 

mankind throughout his lifetime. In the midst of the conversation, 

Vallillo will perform period music on guitar, bottleneck slide Dobro, 

banjo and jaw harp to illustrate Lincoln’s point and the President 

will quote passages from some of his favorite speeches.


The program will also be used to increase awareness of Looking for 

Lincoln and the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area. The event is 

presented by the Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition and is 

partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.