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Blue Lake International:
Big Band Luise - June 29, 7pm

AW_Luisenschule_BigBand-0010 copy.jpg

The history or the band began in 2009. Several high school students interested in big band music wanted to play Jazz, and under the direction of Mrs. Regina Coupette, the band started with rehearsals and some performances at various school events. 

The band grew in sound as well as in size. With diligence, motivation, and discipline, the band developed and became acknowledged as part of Mulheim, Germany’s Jazz scene. 

In the summer of 2015, the band had its first international tour to the United States through the Blue Lake International Exchange Program. Students stayed with host families, enjoyed the local fare, visited local attractions, and experienced the daily life of the host families.  The culminating activity was the performance by Big Band Luise, which highlighted America’s big band sound and the importance of music as a universal language.

Big Band Luise is looking forward to its third visit to The Legacy Theater in Carthage and seeing all of their friends with whom they have had the pleasure to work with during the past six years. The band cannot thank the host families and community leaders enough for making this possible.

The Big Band project has been generously sponsored by the Goethe Institut.

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